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XINRAN Synthetic Fiber Claw Clip Wavy Ponytail Extensions Long Thick Wave Ponytail Extension Clip In

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Level Up Your Hair Game

Give yourself a new natural hairstyle you can put on and off with ease! TailUp gives you an extended, volumized, and glamorous wavy look you can clip comfortably in an instant!

Natural locks come in every color to blend seamlessly into your organic or dyed hair. Clipping is super easy and secure so you can wear it all day without a problem!

You don’t have to grow and maintain your hair just to enjoy a wavy look from time to time! Transform your style with all the volume, length, and glamor anytime you wish!


Extend your beauty- It’s now effortless to have the hair look you want, finish your elegant style with an instant natural ponytail!

Instantly volumized- Achieve that wavy look you’ve always wanted, clip TailUp to your hairline to bring all the volume and thickness you want!

Spice up your style - Transform your style from short to fabulous at any time you wish, choose the right color and no one will notice!

TailUp is the ultimate choice- Give yourself the convenience to switch between hairstyles on a whim, find your new look in our gorgeous collection!