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Original Xiaomi Mijia Electric Kettle Fast Boiling Stainless Teapot 1.5L Insulation


Features and specifications

Product Name: Mijia Electric Kettle 1.5L
Power: 1800W
Capacity: 1.5L
Material: 304 stainless steel
Features: boiling, 304 stainless steel liner, 1.5L large capacity, double-layer anti-scalding, 13cm large caliber
2.Double-layer pot body, hollow heat insulation is not hot
The Mijia electric leeches use a double-layered inner and outer pot body, and the stainless steel liner is wrapped in a food-contact material with a hollow insulation layer. Even if the inner temperature of the liner is 100 ° C, the outside of the kettle is only 40 ° C.

Note: This product is equipped with a conversion plug.



Fast boiling  /  304 stainless steel liner / 1.5L large capacity / Double-layer anti-scalding / 13cm Large caliber


5 minutes, from quiet to boiling
The Mijia electric kettle generates heat through a 1800W high-powered concentrated heating ring at the bottom, so that the water can be fully and uniformly heated from the bottom up, and the temperature is quickly raised.

 Good liner, boil a good water
304 stainless steel, water is safer and cleaner
The inner tank, top cover and other parts in direct contact with water are all made of high-quality 304 stainless steel according to GB4806 standard. This stainless steel material is very safe, widely used in medical and food industry, and has the advantages of not easy to rust, anti scaling, no peculiar smell, easy to clean and so on.


High-quality thermostat for longer life
British brand STRIX thermostat, fuller boiling, longer lasting use
Compared with ordinary thermostats, the British brand STRIX thermostat used in Mijia electric kettles accurately controls the temperature to ensure the water is fully boiled. At the same time, the STRIX thermostat has been used up to 10,000 times and has a longer life.

Two-stage damping cover design to prevent water splash
Press the lid open button, the lid of the pot will slowly open to 30 °, and the hot water beads collected by the pot will not splash out, preventing burns with water.

Seamless one-piece liner with 130mm diameter pot mouth
No dead angle for cleaning
Mijia electric kettle adopts seamless integrated technology to create seamless inner wall, and the spout adopts the non-shaped integrated structure design, with smooth bottom and no dirt; with 130mm large spout and 75 ° large angle cover opening, it is convenient to clean the inner tank with hands or tools, and no longer worry about dirt.

1. Anti electric shock design        2. Automatic power off for dry burning         3. Automatic power off of water switch

Triple power safety and security
Mijia electric kettle, intimate design triple power protection: first, the power is automatically cut off when the water is
completely boiled; second, when the water shortage is detected, the power is automatically cut off; in addition, the carefully designed power connector effectively prevents electric shock and leakage .

Visual LED heating lamp, clear status of boiling water
Intimate progress indicator, the state of boiling water is clear at a glance, taking into account the night visibility, to
avoid misoperation.

Power cord storage, neat and beautiful
Power cords with excess length can be arranged and wound inside the base, which is more neat and beautiful when placed.