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ABS Bike Hand Tire Lever Bead Tool for Hard to Install Bicycle Tires Removal Clamp for Difficult

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Changing Tires Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Every cyclist needs Rimcap in their toolbox! Our nifty tool makes tire changing simple, quick, and safe for the rim. It makes light work of tight tire beads and tire adjustments.

Unlike other tire levers, Rimcap doesn’t pressure the edges of the rim to keep it out of harm's way when adjusting the tires. It makes pulling off tires effortless and safe.

When a tire needs to be changed or adjusted you can spare yourself the trouble and make the changes in just a breeze. Taking care of your tire problems is no longer tedious!

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Simple tire changes- Finding it hard to change the tires, take a firm hold of them to easily pull or push them on the rim!

Protect the rim- The edges of the rim are the most easily damaged, Rimcap doesn’t press on them to ensure they never get bent!

Never lose a bead- Tired of the beads popping off your wheels, adjust them properly to keep your tires secure and steady at all times!

Rimcap is the ultimate choice- Say goodbye to your tire problems, make the next tire change effortless for you and painless for your bike!